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The cryptocurrency protected from garnishments, judgements, and asset forfeiture
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What is Tilt Coin?

TILT offers two different coins, a stable one tied to USD and the other being volatile and shifting with the market conditions. Get a blockchain backed bank account complete with a debit card. TILT is the intermediary for the transactions being made, protecting your investments, and keeping trades anonymous. This reduces fraud in the blockchain industry.


We are a community of blockchain specialists looking to trade with less fraud and more confidence. Join us as we work to increase our e-wallets and meet others who want to do the same.


We have numerous resources you’re able to take advantage of when you’re a part of TILT. Learn more about blockchain, try it for yourself, learn how to make the smartest trades and increase your portfolio’s worth.

Open Source

TILT Coin is an open-source software platform. You will have the power to run, modify, and copy the software as you see fit. This helps you create and distribute modify copies of the software. We keep our software transparent to allow for independent verification of binaries and source codes.


TILT Coin can handle a lot of higher transaction volume than other types of coins. Our network works to support more transactions without having to modify our software. Get faster confirmation times, while being able to continue to sell bigger amounts across platforms.

Wallet Encryption

Keep your wallet secure while being able to view your transactions and balance. You do have to put in your password when you’d like to spend your coins, deposit, or withdraw them from the account. We want to provide the best protection against viruses, trojans, and any other wallet stealing bots and hackers out there.

Mining Reward

Miners are awarded with new coins per block. This amount usually is halved every four years or so, or every 840,000 blocks. Our platform is scheduled to produce millions of coins, many times over what other coins are producing.

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